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Trevor Stuart Assembly Thursday, March 10 @ 10:45

CJHS Hope Squad has invited Trevor Stuart to give his "Elevating Lives" Presentation to the CJHS Student Body. Parents are invited to join us. Please see the link below for information about the assembly.

Trevor grew up surrounded by domestic violence. When he was a child, he experienced a pivotal moment (at 9 urs old) when he decided to live above how he was being raised. That was the first of what would become a series of choices that enabled him to change the trajectory of his life. 

Thanks to his choices, in his late 30's Trevor started hiking and climbing high altitude mountains in 2008 and since then has climbed many major mountains all over the world, and in 2016 he successfully summited Mount Everest.

He’s also leveraged the interest generated by his adventures to raise over $80,000 and priceless awareness for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lethbridge and YWCA Harbour House of Lethbridge, our local women’s emergency shelter. 

Summiting Mt. Everest is no easy task. Trevor spent years training and preparing for his expedition in 2016. For comparison’s sake, in 2019 only 66% of the climbers who made it past the north side base camp successfully summited Everest. Trevor became only the 19th Canadian to summit Everest, via Tibet.

Climbing a major mountain takes persistence, a super-human amount of determination, and an unrelenting belief in yourself – against all odds and despite the naysayers. If you learn how to tap into these same qualities, they can bring transformational change to your life and help you set and achieve incredible goals.


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