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Welcome Back 2020!

Hello Parents and Guardians,


As we are finishing up our preparation for return to school we are working hard on cohorting students as per Alberta Health Services recommendations.

Students will not be able to be cohorted with the same students all day long due to some of the adapted classes that we offer. We will be cohorting them with as few students as possible throughout the day though. New schedules can be viewed online in the powerschool parent portal. Some families are having difficulties with the app not syncing but if you log in online it will load. If you do not have a powerschool parent portal account you can create one. Please call 403-653-4958 if you need the password or username.

For lunch and hallway transitions we have cohorted students by grade to ease conjestion in the hallway and while eating. We will also be doing a staggered lunch break to help keep grades in designated areas.

Grade 6 will not have a class scheduled during Period 6 as that will be when they have lunch.

Grade 8 will not have a class during Period 5 for lunch.

Grade 7 will do 15 minutes in each DEAR block (period 5 and 6) and will have lunch between those periods.


Masks are required when students are in the hallways. Once students are seated in classrooms their masks can be removed. Some classrooms are creating plastic partitions to separate students at tables and all teachers are arranging furniture to allow for as much distancing as possible.

The Government of Alberta has said they will provide each student with two reusable face masks. We distribute them once they are received. We are hopeful they will arrive by the first day. We encourage families to purchase a few extra reusable masks for students so that they will have a clean mask every day.

Masks are the only item allowed as a face cover. Scarves, buffs, neck gaiter, bandanas etc. are not approved.

1st day of school - August 31st

Grade 6  will come from 8:30 – 10:30

Grade 7  will come from 10:45 – 12:15

Grade 8  will come from 1:00 – 2:30

Please make sure to drop off no more than 5 minutes before the start time and to have a designated pick up area arranged prior to drop off. You can meet at the soccer park, church parking lot or along the road sides.

Students need to wear a mask into the school and we will gather each grade in the gym. We will have chairs set up for kids to sit on and we will go through the rules and routines of what a regular day will look like. 

From this meeting students will leave in a small group from their class cohort with a teacher to receive their schedule, locker and lock. We will do a quick tour of the school during this time as well.

Finally students will rotate through a very shortened version of their schedule so that they will be familiar with their classrooms for the next day.

Starting Tuesday September 1st school will be regular school days. The warning bell rings at 8:30 and classes start at 8:35. School ends at 3:20.

Morning Drop Offs

Before dropping your child off at CJHS or sending them on a bus please make sure they have mask(s) and that you have gone through the COVID Alberta Healy Daily Checklist. If your child is experiencing any symptoms do not send them to school.

Classrooms will be open at 8:15 am for students to wait for school to start. We would prefer students to arrive to school between 8:15 and 8:30 when staff are in the building.

School Supplies

If you have not already purchased school supplies the list can be found here. The drug stores down town have a great selection of supplies to choose from.

During the school day back packs or gym bags will not be allowed inside classrooms. They must be stored in the students locker. Grade levels will have staggered lockers to increase distance between students when visiting their lockers.

Breakfast Program/ Morning Snack

We will not be able to provide the breakfast program at this time. Last year we had apples, oranges and granola bars in the office for students needing a morning snack. If your child is hungry we will have a cupboard with some items to help out.


With the staggered lunch, grade lunch times will be:

Grade 6 12:18 - 12:45

Grade 7 12:03 - 12:33

Grade 8 11:51 - 12:21

Kids are allowed to go home for lunch if they live within walking distance of the school. It is expected that they will leave at their designated time and return before their afternoon class starts. In order to arrange for your child to go home for lunch please call the school office at 403-653-4958 and talk to a secretary. It is expected that going home for lunch is for immediate family only.


Please remember that some of the courses on schedules are represented by a course name that isn't clear as to what the course is. The list below has the schedule names on the left and the actual course name on the right for your reference.

Art                               12 week general Art course

Art 2                            Sculpting

Art 6                            Painting

Keyboarding                Coding Apps

Photography                Photoshop

Dynamic Fitness         Golf/Flag Football

New Sports                 Baseball/Softball

Athletics                      JUMP!

Humanities 7               Native Art

Cultural Art                 First Native Artifacts and Teachings

Fitness                         Body Weight Training

After School Building Use

For the month of September the school is not available for any public use. We will let you know when this restriction ends.

Shuttle Bus

Students who qualified (did not pay) for the shuttle bus last year because they live more than 2.4 km away from the school will still be able to access the bus. For those that live within the 2.4 km radius there is not a bus available.

If you need more information regarding our re-entry please visit our website and have a look at our re-entry plan. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Thank you


Jeremy Payne - Principal

Candace Atwood - Vice Principal

Jennifer Scout - Vice Principal

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