Uniform Care

Uniforms are the property of the school, and must be cared for. If lost or damaged, charges will apply. Before athletes receive uniforms a deposit of $50.00 must be paid. The best way to submit a deposit is by cheque but cash will work as well.  Athletic fees are also to be paid (or arranged to be paid) before receiving a uniform.  Here is a list of how to properly care for the uniform:

  • DRIP/HANG TO DRY (Using the dryer may cause damage to numbers or logos)
  • PLAN AHEAD - wash after your game, not before
  • UNIFORM IS ONLY TO BE WORN DURING GAMES - Once games are over, athletes can keep the uniform on as long as it is covered up by other articles of clothing (sweatpants, sweaters). Uniforms snag very easily so please take care.
  • RETURN UNIFORMS WASHED AT THE END OF THE SEASON - upon successful return and inspection of uniform the deposit of $50.00 will be returned.

With proper care, uniforms should last up to 8 years.